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Check out my post on why I became a Christian and how I came to know Jesus.

I wasn't born in a Christian family but one thing led to another and through all that I have been through thus far, I've had my own personal experiences.

I've had a glimpse of Heaven, have you? For those who have, lets share our experiences. For those who haven't and to those who don't believe, will you believe from hearing others' experiences?
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My past does not define me, and your past should not define you! We all have a past and we've all done something we shouldn't have. There's no going back in time but we can make a better future.

Have you let go of your past? Have you forgiven yourself for your wrongdoings? Are you holding that guilt upon yourself? I know for a fact that this doesn't have to hold you back from your future; the present even.

Leave that burden behind and start fresh!
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