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I'll have to try eating more food with curry, as I want to stay healthy. Now when will I ever find time to fix all the healthful foods and fit them into a calorie-restricted diet?
You can prepare curry dishes with a minimum of fat. Lean chicken breasts, lots of vegetables and low fat yoghurt help.
he needed it to be that size to cover the large aura, which had to be significant to cover his large Badan (body)
and he got there by eating large "Kormas"
i often use curcuma to add flavor to my vegetarian meal, very delicious ! and no animal fat ! :)
i will make a post about it
indeed. Mix with rice and raisins for wonderful yellow rice. Mix with Eggplants (aubergine), Marrow and even Onions before num, num, num
Maybe someone could use gene modification to make a plant that tastes like bacon, it might be possible...
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