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Engineer, of the Software Variety

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I'm addicted to this video, especially the moment when the pilot notices and does a double/triple take.

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This Ronald McDonald House charity is raising funds using Bitcoin and Lighthouse. I'm really excited to see how this goes.

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Google just released a Cloud VPN feature, adding a secure networking layer to the virtual instances.

I have a bug report, the test version crashes when I do this:
* Click "Send Coins"
* Enter a nonexistant name "test" in the Pay to field.
* Click down on the amount.

It crashes at this point.

I'll provide a report through Feedback.

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Spotted in the office fridge, nothing says 'I love you' like Pumpernickel... 

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I found this (not short) document amazing to browse through. As a lifetime legomaniac, I can detect LEGO clone sets by touch, and the pieces usually ended up in the trash heap quite quickly. There are a couple of positive reviews, but in general this is a cautionary tale. If you're shopping for a cheap gift for your grand-nephew, don't go for these imitations. Just get a LEGO movie minifig grabbag, it's not that much more and it won't end it tears. Or zombie-smurf apocalypse.

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Love it!

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This indie movie looks like it will be hilarious!

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PebbleBee is very close to their last stretch goal of $190,000 to release their Android app open source. I love the idea of this small, simple device, check it out!

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#Onlive  is back! I'm cautiously optimistic, #Ouya  support pleeeeeze?
This is it folks, #OnLive 2 has officially launched! The first thing you'll notice is a whole new modern interface. Next is CloudLift. What that means is that games you already own on Steam can now be streamed to anywhere via OnLive. It also means that games you buy on OnLive can be downloaded from your Steam account if you want to play them localy. What's really great about this is that everything stays synced up so if you normally play locally on your computer you can now go to a friend's house and pick up right were you left off on his computer without needing to download it.

One more thing I personally like about this is that now games from  the Humble Bundle sales can be bought really cheap and played on OnLive without needing to download anything.

Another big thing they're announcing is OnLive Go, a new service to allow MMO games on all platforms (except ios for now) The first 2 are Second Life, under the name SL Go, and War Thunder from Gaijin Entertainment.

News articles will be popping up all over starting today so keep an eye out. You can read the offical blog post by Gary Lauder at OnLive here.

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