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Do Extraordinary Things! Live Extraordinary Life!
Do Extraordinary Things! Live Extraordinary Life!
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Without the quality #backlinks, your #startup #entrepreneurship online business won't get ranked well. Period.

Get it? Do it!

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I've been having fun lately with all these #luxurycar! Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

Next step? Own one or few of those ...
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Facebook has shown the true #entrepreneurship that G+ has ignored for a long time.

Over the past few years, Facebook released Facebook Live video, few other features and now the Facebook Live Audio. Where is Google+ heading to?

I know G+ isn't a social media, but it hasn't really done much to improve its services.

For people like me love to stay behind the camera, Facebook Live Audio may be a good way for me to reach out some new audience for my business.

What do you think? Would you use it instead of Facebook Live Video?

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Discover a new #email #automation #scheduling #tool for #startup #entrepreneur.

After months of using #HubSpot, I finally switch to #MixMax's email tool as a paid user.

What's wrong with HubSpot?
Well. The Google Chrome extension for scheduling stop working. And the support team has no clue when it will be available again.

Why is MixMax a better solution?
1. I can track click on link and download
2. I can set sequence and follow up
3. I can add add-ons such as calendar, sms, social widgets, etc.
4. It's much cheaper than HubSpot $24/m vs $50/m.
5. The live feed interface is awesome!
6. Track multiple recipients, while HobSpots only tells you "Someone has opened your email".

So here you go! Give it a shot.

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Did not expect to see 55°F at the #Ski #resort in the #Summer while it was 118°F in #Phoenix.

Got pounded by huge #Hail while going down from the top of #SunriseSkiResort. What an unique #experience.


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Finally solve the #WordPress site problem that runs WP Super Cache and Elementor site builder plugin.

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Well. Since Microsoft is shutting down. I've decided to move the #Inspirational and #Motivational #Quote back to my own domains. It's now hosted on Adobe's #Portfolio site.

Enjoy it!

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Are you one of them?
1500+ startups graduate Y Combinator’s first online Startup School

Today is the world’s biggest startup demo day ever, but it’s not happening in Silicon Valley. It’s happening all over the world as 1,584 companies complete Y Combinator’s online Startup School Founders Track program. 797 of them have posted demo videos anyone can watch. That’s out of 2,820 startups accepted from the 13,321 companies that applied to Y Combinator’s 10-week program of one-on-one mentorship from past YC startup founders, virtual office hours with a group of fellow students, and an online lecture series. The leading accelerator typically teaches two batches of about 100 startups per year through an in-person program where YC partners and guest speakers teach them how to grow faster. The startups get $120,000 in funding, education, and connections in exchange for 7% of their equity. But Altman says YC was looking for a way “to advise not just a few hundreds companies a year but a few thousand.” Its first attempt at scaling was the YC Fellowship, where a few dozen startups even more nascent than its typical admits were given remote guidance for a 1.5% equity stake. Here are our picks of the top companies from last year’s YC Fellowship.

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#highrisk for #highreturn #ROI

I recently helped a client successfully grow their business from making $10,000 monthly to $150,000 a month. It's 15 times revenue!

How? The question is how do you think rich people become richer?

Rich people likely to take higher risk to generate a higher return. So if you aren't rich and don't have money, you need to borrow.

This specific client is selling high-risk products such as #CBD Oil and #Peptide #supplement. Their monthly sales were about $10,000. However, they were unable to expand their operation due to issues with their merchant account provider, shopping cart platform, and payment gateway.

So I help them convert their online store into Shopify, which is currently the only few large e-commerce platforms that still unofficially allow selling high-risk products. Now they are running their store on the reputable platform, they were able to apply for a working capital loan for their business which allows them to operate high volume transaction and still keep their inventory flow in their new facility. They were able to buy more advertisement and kick start marketing campaign to boost their sales.

So if you have higher risk business and unable to move faster, you may want to consider applying for Working Capital loan. And move your e-commerce store to Shopify.

Got question about selling CBD and Working Capital Loan? Let me know by messaging me on FB @
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