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Terence Chang
Do Extraordinary Things! Live Extraordinary Life!
Do Extraordinary Things! Live Extraordinary Life!
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Hmmm ... I need to try this out. 

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This is #sad, but it motivates me!

This is why #Money and #Power are important!

With money and power, you can change the situation. At least, you don't have to fight for the seat. You can just fly in your own #privatejet.

#motivation #inspiration

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Get inspired by the people who you want to get mentored from.

You will never know who you will meet with and what inspiration you will get. Age, gender, and race don't matter.

Had a deep conversation with the #young owner of this auto dealer over the weekend. There are business opportunities out there to grab if you find the niche and market for it.

Like I said in my previous post. Money and luxury thing isn't the only reward you should give to yourself, but #entrepreneurship is also a #lifestyle.

#luxurycar #lamborghini #mclaren #G550

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Not too late for a #AprilFool #laugh.

This is the car I would like to buy soon.

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I am slowly adapting a new #hobby. As much as I love shooting objects, I specifically like #landscape, #flowers at close range and #luxurycars.

I did not know there is a place in #phoenix for that. Now I am hooked.

I also fed up with people leaving comments on my popular #Startup & #Entrepreneur collection saying I am no inspiration. No. I am really not anyone's inspiration!.

I am here on G+ to express my own experience and thoughts. I don't expect anyone to like it. What works for me may not work for others. So take it or leave it.

I am happy and healthy. I enjoy my life at the moment. What's more important than that? Nothing.

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What's your reward system?

Being a #startup #entrepreneur isn't just about creating a business, converting an idea into reality or changing the world, it's also a #lifestyle.

You must have a #reward system to #compensate your hard working. I've rewarded myself with professional DSLR, lens and vacation in the past, which helped me generate more business and revenue.

Now I have set a new goal to buy myself a nice #luxurycar - #Lexus #LC500. The reward system only has one rule.

Use the newly earned fresh money to pay for the new prize in full.

In other words, you will not reward yourself the prize by leasing it. You pay the entire prize in cash. In order to reach the goal, you need a solid plan and time-frame. Put it down on a paper or on your mobile phone to remind yourself constantly.

Have you set your goal yet?

Let's get down and get to work. Shall we?

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Seeking #startup capital and got turned down?

#GoodRead for #entrepreneurs
"What used to be 2-3 meetings to get a yes, is now is 5-6 meetings to a maybe."
Here's 7 tips for raising capital in a slower market:

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To all #Startup #Founders and #Entrepreneurs out there, working hard isn't enough. Working Smart is what you really need.

This is the proof. A friend of mine took me for a ride and let me shoot this #beast #Lexus #LFA. It's the only purple one in the world among other 500 ever produced.

If someone can start from zero and retired before 50, so can we. More to come on my #Facebook page. So feel free to follow me there too!

#Motivation #Inspiration #GoalSetting

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Oh boy! It's nice to have a rich friend that are willing to take me for a ride. 
Although I am not happy with the first every try to shoot a expensive car, I am very happy to get my hands on this #beast - #Lexus #LFA - a super #luxury #car.

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Although I am not happy with the first every try to shoot a expensive car, I am very happy to get my hands on this #beast - #Lexus #LFA - a super #luxury #car.
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