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Terence Burnard

So, I'm not sure what happened but Apple already approved latest version of smartlink which includes SR5.  
Please let me know any bugs or rule errors you may find.
Normally it takes 6-7 days but this was just 18 hours.  Ah well, more success on my decking (software) to reduce the time works for me. :)

Hoi Chummers, I need to jack out soon because of a killer headache I got from an AppleCorp Black IC (not to mention nosebleed).  Just wanted to mention latest Smartlink app is tucked away in their grid.  Will probably take you some time to find it, but it has all the latest info you'll need for your next run.

(tldr; new Smartlink uploaded to App Store.  Updated for SR5. Apple takes 6-7 days to approve uploads. Enjoy.)

Hey everyone!  I just added SR4 support to Smartlink App.

If you aren't sure what it is, Smartlink is a GM tool for combat tracking.  Really speeds up the combats.

If you have any questions, please send them my way. :)

Hoi chummers, does willpower bonuses from cyberware increase the stun damage track, even temporarily?
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