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Teppo Salonen

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Teppo Salonen

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Free and legal download of Citizenfour, the Edward Snowden documentary:

The film is used as evidence in a legal case, and therefore made publicly available.

You can use Google/Chrome to translate the website if needed.
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Letzte Nacht hat die Dokumentation„Citizenfour“ über Edward Snowden den Oscar für den besten Dokumentarfilm gewonnen. Die NDR-Co-Produktion der amerikanischen Filmemacherin Laura Poitras steht momentan wegen eines andauernden Gerichtsverfahrens kostenlos im Netz zum Download bereit.
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Teppo Salonen

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After bashing Unity awhile ago, I gave a quick try to some of the other Linux desktop environments in hopes of finding the best replacement for it. These were my first impressions (coming from someone who is not a heavy Linux-user, and most definitely not a Linux expert):

Gnome 3 - Looks like Unity's identical twin, nuff said

KDE - Visually good looking but too slow for my old laptop (and I still use Windows on my main computer). Might be really good on a newer computer but I will have to leave testing that hypothesis for later.

Xfce - Ugly looking - and buggy first impression as it couldn’t access my encrypted home folder without giving some cryptic error message that had to be Google’d to understand what it means

LXDE - Didn’t like the default look (and too lazy to try to customize), and for some reason it also felt slower than Gnome 2 on my machine (despite the fact that it is supposed to be very light weight and therefore really fast)

In all fairness though, I did not spend more than maybe ~30 minutes trying each option, so these really are only first impressions and my conclusions might have been different had I spent more time with them.

Anyways, after having tried these on top of Ubuntu, I also found another distro called Linux Mint, which (at least on paper) seemed to be exactly what I had been looking for. It is based on Ubuntu and therefore should have everything that was so good about Ubuntu in the first place, but instead of Unity it ships with a customized version of Gnome 3 that is made to look more like Gnome 2 (with text based menus and everything).

So, I gave Linux Mint a quick try too, with the first impression being that it is visually very pleasing (even more so than Gnome 2), and with an interface closer to Gnome 2 it is much more usable than Unity or Gnome 3 for example.

It did seem a little buggy, however, with graphics getting messed up here and there rendering all text unreadable (never happened with Gnome 2 on the same hardware), Software Center locking up at times (could have been a user error though as I was trying to download updates and install new software at the same time, but again, this had never happened to me with Gnome 2), some programs (such as Chrome) not installing without cryptic error messages that required Googling to understand what they meant and how to fix them (though I’m not sure if this is a Mint specific issue either). It was also noticeably slower than Gnome 2, which is somewhat disappointing.

Overall I didn’t like any of these options as much as I had liked the old Ubuntu with Gnome 2, but since Gnome 2 won’t be supported in the future I wanted to make a choice sooner rather than later. And considering that I still liked Linux Mint better than any of the other options I tried, that’s what I will go with.
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Thanks for the tip, Harry, but I'm really wanting to switch from Windows to Linux and trying to find the best option from all the different Linux flavors. Never tried Mac OS though.
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Teppo Salonen

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The Larry Lessig For President Campaign Webstore!
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Teppo Salonen

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How can I prevent crap like this from appearing in my stream?!
You want to disarm Americans? 
YOU ARE a threat to me and every Americans freedom and personal safety 

I will not only resist you  ...

I WILL do everything in my power to push you, your Democrats and your socialist enslavement into the cave you belong in 

I will NEVER stop engaging, joining, donating funds and pushing back against your Nazi agenda of enslaving Americans  

GOA Gun Owners of America

NRA National Rifle Organization

#2ndamendment #GOA #NRA #gunssavelives  
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Ok, I figured out how to turn off all the "Hot on Google+" junk. I just needed to see something as idiotic as this to bother figuring it out.
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Teppo Salonen

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Few things you can do to try to protect yourself from NSA spying and other privacy violations:

- Use Linux (e.g. Linux Mint)
- Encrypt your hard drive (with TrueCrypt if you must use Windows)
- Use a password manager for strong site-specific passwords (e.g. LastPass)
- Use FireFox browser, with HTTPSEverywhere add-on
- Use ThunderBird email client, with Enigmail plugin for PGP encryption
- Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine
- Use OpenDNS and DNSCrypt (instead of your ISP's DNS settings)
- Use a paid VPN service (e.g.
- Use Ubuntu One for cloud storage (instead of Drop Box etc)
- Encrypt all data stored in the cloud
- Delete your Facebook account
- Use non-US based web hosting (e.g.
- Use Silent Circle for secure phone calls

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Teppo Salonen

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Just upgraded to the new Ubuntu version a few days ago, and realized how Canonical has completely managed to butcher the previously awesome Linux distro that Ubuntu was when running Gnome 2, with the piece of crap that Unity is.

And as much as I hate to say it, there's no way I would recommend Ubuntu to anyone as a desktop OS at the moment, and would have to say that even Windows (that I've hated with passion for quite some time) is probably a safer choice for most.

So disappointed...
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I got a Gnome2-like GUI back after searching for "gnome" in the software center and installing something (forgot what it's called).

After that I was able choose "Gnome Classic" as the desktop instead of Unity when logging in.

What worries me though, is how Canonical could possibly think that Unity was a good idea. I don't get that at all.

Removing menus and replacing everything with large icons just makes it so much slower and more difficult to use. Not because it's new and different and things are in different places now, but because "reading" large graphical icons is inherently a lot less efficient compared to reading text that's a more compact format and instantly understandable.
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