Giveaway Contest for Dec 2016 Sketchwalk at Hill Street. More details at

1. Prizes are given out at the end of the sketchwalk to winners.
2. Post a comment on the prize you want.
3. Only comments here count.
4. Leave your real name if you're using nickname.
5. You'll need to introduce yourself and your sketch that day.

Add me on Google+ while you're here. Thanks. I'm trying to get more G+ members in my circle.

1. Landmarks of Malaysia

2. Walking Tokyo

3. Start Sketching Start Drawing

4. Tombow and Sakura Brushpens (used slightly) (grayscale)

I've several items to sell. If you want SMS me at 9245 747o

1. Empty & used Van Gogh metal watercolour box with 12 empty plastic pans

2. Handmade sketchbooks by Society of Physically Disabled
- Fabriano Artistico Coldpress 40 pages, 100% cotton, A5 landscape - $55
- Fabriano Studio 25% cotton Coldpress 40 pages, A5 landscape - $45
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