+Scott Scowcroft managed to catch a falling star :) during this HOA and capture it in one of his SCOTT treatments. Thanks Scott!
How Semantic Search is Life Changing
It used to be the those with deeper pockets would always win online. Now if you are doing something really really good online, you’re going to win regardless. That is life changing for us all.

Here's a (1 : 33) The SCOTT Treatment from a wonderful HOA hosted by +Teodora Petkova live from a recent SEO Conference in Bulgaria.  . We hear +David Amerland addressing semantic search as it relates to those from non English Speaking cultures.

Below are additoinal TST's, or visit the Event Page to view comments and the entire program.

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1   The Small Operator advantage with Semantic Search

2 Semantic Search is Culturally Sensitive

3 The Small Operator Advantage with Semantic Search
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