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Teodora Petkova
A content writer in love with the Semantic Web and fascinated with the metamorphoses of text on the web.
A content writer in love with the Semantic Web and fascinated with the metamorphoses of text on the web.

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Content Writing in the Semantic Web (Course)
Building networks of texts within a web of people

I am finally done with something I started creating 6 months ago: my course Content Writing for the Semantic Web. The course is now live on Udemy. In a sentence, it is about approaching content writing from the perspective of the more and more interconnected web.

On this page that I am sharing you will find a bit more about each of the sections in the course. 

These lectures, the thinking and the writing involved in them, would have never been reality if it weren’t for all the knowledgeable and inspiring people I met on G+.

Thank you

I will skip pinging people by name and instead will send a signal of gratitude that I am sure will be received by everyone who knows and feels they have been nudging and supporting me all the way along this journey.

A journey that is yet another thread on a web, woven with "elaborate care" :)

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Search Experience Optimization
Super smart, clear and informative slides on the environment we all work and play in.
H/t +Andrea Volpini​

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Teodora Petkova commented on a post on Blogger.
Love this. Great thinking. Clean and beautiful :)

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Data Selfie
"The tool explores our relationship to the online data we leave behind as a result of media consumption and social networks - the information you share consciously and unconsciously."

h/t +Kingsley Idehen

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On the evolution of both on- and offline marketplaces
H/T +Jarno van Driel​​

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Integrating the worlds we love
+Gina Fiedel thoughts and feelings about finding ourselves in what we do. A moving intro to my post about being a mom and a content weaver.

Coming To Terms With Distraction & Fragmentation
Learning The Way To Productivity

I am not a mother. And yet, this piece from +Teodora Petkova, that has as its base becoming a new parent and the continuing need and desire to work, to create resonates deeply. It's because what Teodora learned is something that is available for us each to learn. That living the life we have will pretty much always serve us better than trying to control and change the uncontrollable and the unchangeable.

But even more stunning than that is Teodora's ability to relay her experience into palpable material. Reading it was both emotional and inspirational. It moved me in a way that few writings about creativity and work do.

As humans, we tend to divide things up. We categorize and put into compartments the bits and pieces of our lives. We separate.

It reminds me of when I was in my late twenties painting and dancing, living the life of an artist and a dancer (more accurately, a devoted and serious dance student).

It gave me excuses. When I was in my painting studio, I told myself I was really a dancer. When I was dancing, I told myself I was an artist. And by doing that, I gave myself an out. I gave myself a way of doing neither to my fullest potential. I finally gave up the dance part to focus 100% on being an artist and that's when I began to succeed. However...

...Because I did that little "trick" of sacrifice it postponed the lesson that then took decades to learn. I forgot that I am a whole person no matter what I am doing. That each thing I do informs the other things I do. And in failing myself that way, I wasn't able to fully integrate the two worlds I happened to love passionately. I look back now and consider the possibility that maybe I didn't need to go in one direction or the other 100%. Perhaps I could have found a more integrative approach. I never did dance again (except in my sleeping dream world) and I have regretted that.

What's so beautiful about this writing from Teodora is that she found her meeting place. The place where being a mother and making work reside in unison. She says she chose surrender.

Just this moment, I began to quote the part where she explains how her dilemma unraveled into a solid trajectory. And then I pulled my hand back from the keyboard in favor of allowing you the pleasure of reading and discovering for yourself the music and the dance of Teodora's path.

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"Sometimes wonderful things happen real fast"
WordLift facilitates 5-star linked data with

Sometimes wonderful things happen real fast - In this particular case within a month after I spoke with +Teodora Petkova​​​​ about the structured data of her site. Structured data which at that moment still could be improved a lot yet which also was outside of her control as it's generated through the Wordpress plugin +WordLift​​​​.

And so she pulled WordLift's +Andrea Volpini​​​​ and +David Riccitelli​​​​ into the conversation in hopes of getting a discussion going that would lead to improving WordLift's structured data output. A discussion that indeed took place, and WOW - did they act fast.

WordLift's latest update makes it move away from turning web pages into barrels of entities in favor of generating beautiful 5-star - powered - linked data graphs. And in case this update is representative of the speed they are able to act than their competition better be cautioned because there's a lot more coming.

Curious to see what I'm making all this fuss about, have a look at this: - it 'mentions' an impressive amount of entities that have been extracted though NLP.

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Help making G+ better :)
Fill out the form.
h/t +Bill Slawski
Become a Beta Tester for Google+

If you’re a user who’s as passionate for Google+ as we are, apply to become a beta tester for our product. We’re looking for people who want to test out new features, as well as discuss with our product team and fellow beta testers how to make Google+ the place to share your interests. Want to know what it takes?

Here’s what we’re looking for:
● Active poster on Google+
● Motivated to learn more about Google+ and contribute to product discussion
● Eagerness to provide high level feedback on our product

If you’re interested in applying, fill out the application form. Thanks!

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What Does Good Content Look Like?

The answer is in the link :)
A terrific interview with David. Just listing the topics and you will be there in not time, reading and enjoying:

- Semantic Search Vs Keyword Search

- RankBrain and Future of Search

- Big Data, Small Business, and Semantic Search

- Semantic Search + Google+ = Better Person

- VR and Future of Content

- Top 4 SEO Mistakes

- What Does Good Content Look Like?
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