Genji is a card game of Japanese Tanka poetry. Players take the role of gentlemen trying to impress the ladies of the Japanese imperial court with their poems.
A poem is constructed by laying down two cards, a beginning and an ending. Each half-poem has a topic and is related to a season, and each lady has her own preferences. The game is played for 4 seasons (4 trips around the 12 ladies), and for every season there's a new topic in fashion.
By comparing a poem with a given lady's preferences and the current season and fashion, each poem can be rated as more or less beautiful. A player can also destroy another player's poem, this is achieved by wooing the lady with a more beautiful beginning or ending.
Genji can be played from 2 to 6 players, and it seems to work well with groups of all sizes. It's a fun and engaging game without being excessively demanding as far as time or table space is concerned. With its unique mechanic and gorgeous theme, this one is sure to get a lot of play time.
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