Collapsible D: The Final Minutes of the Titanic is a thematic board game in which the players (3-6 of them) try to save the lives of passengers on the infamous sinking ship. Each saved passenger grants victory points, but reaching the lifeboats on the top deck isn't easy, especially for a third class passenger who starts deep inside the ship.
The game takes its name after the RMS Titanic Collapsible Boat D, the last lifeboat to be successfully launched from the ship with about 25 passengers on board. At that time, there were still 1500 people on the Titanic.
The events of Collapsible D unfold over 16 turns, which accurately model the final hours of the Titanic. The game is impressively well researched, and the passenger cards come with actual names and photographs of survivors (we got to rescue Frederick Maxfield Hoyt and Jane Anne Hoyt, husband and wife).
In-game lifeboats are launched at the same times as they were on the real Titanic, so the player has to get their passengers to the right boat at the right time to even have a shot at boarding.
The way to the top deck is hindered by panicked mobs and the rising water level, gradually spilling over the bulkheads, and even if a passenger manages to reach the top deck, boarding a lifeboat is a difficult endeavor, especially if he happens to be a third class male.
A variety of bonuses can be found throughout the ship to increase a passenger's chances of boarding a lifeboat, including cash, a gun and an infant.
Collapsible D is a very suspenseful and engaging game, it is one of those board games one plays in order to experience a story rather than for strategic depth. With a simple mechanic, outstanding historical accuracy and an incredibly deep theme (no pun intended), this is one of my all-time favorites, and is sure to be enjoyed even by players without specific interest in history.
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