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"It's like a hipster mugshot," my husband said.
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Gotta agree with the man.
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Teo Bishop

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Evangelicals were always a mystery to me. Funny to discover I had something in common with them.
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I was asked, "What prompted you to return to the Church?"

This is how it happened.
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I agree with you, +rhyd wildermuth . I know this is my issue.  I know several Christians who are wonderful loving people.  I just know way more of the other kind.  Having been a Christian minister probably has something to do with that.  Like cops tend to only see the negative side of society, ministers often see the ugly side of religion.
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Teo Bishop

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Whoever said you can't have sexy God-talk with your husband over text messages is wrong.

Read this post to see how it's done.
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I love what's going on in this conversation!
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Teo Bishop

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• I was never completely committed to ADF. 
• There were plenty of people who could see that. 
• When I learned of the Mother Grove's hesitation to start the Solitary Druid Fellowship I was resentful and judgmental.
• I know now that they were right to be cautious. I was not the right person to lead a ministry in that tradition.

More truths in the post...
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I certainly understand what you are talking about. I haven't committed to any particular path yet.
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It was an AHA Moment:

The New Testament was not written for me
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You may be interested in "Awkward Reverence" on the Christian Bible:

And my fave on the Hebrew Bible - "Who Wrote the Bible":
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Teo Bishop

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I don't want to be a voice for the Newly Saved.
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When Francis of Assisi received his call, as I remember, he ended up opposing the Church for a time. I don't recall the details of their final reconciliation, but I seem to remember that he spent some time labeled apostate.

Don't worry about fools who misunderstand you. There ARE fools. They WILL misunderstand you, in the most amazingly obtuse ways, no matter what you do. Some of them have television shows, and will praise and revile you by turns, as suits their weekly ratings. None of that is about you, or your relationship with the divine.

Breathe. Love. Smile.
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Teo Bishop

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I went to the cathedral to buy a cross. What happened in the sanctuary would take my breath away.
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This is the kind of stuff I think about while I’m waiting for my eggs.
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