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Tennessee Leeuwenburg
Geek, manager, husband, human.
Geek, manager, husband, human.

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PyCon Australia 2017, SEO and things that should be less work
So, I have an unexpected problem. I'm helping to run a major Australian conference, and we can't seem to get found by Google. This year. Last year's conference is no problem. There are many, many links to that. But somehow, this years' site, 2017.pycon-au.o...

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PyCon Australia 2017,, will be held in Melbourne, Australia from Thursday 3 August - Tuesday 8 August.

The PyCon Australia 2017’s Call for Proposal deadline - Sunday 7th May - is fast approaching. If you would be interested in submitting a proposal, we'd love to hear from you.

Should you wish to submit a proposal, here are a few key pieces of information to be aware of in preparing your submission.


PyCon AU 2017 is absolutely delighted to be offering child care for the first time: Child care will be offered on the specialist track and main conference days (Friday 4 August, Saturday 5 August and Sunday 6 August).

More details will be forthcoming. However, if you are considering submitting a talk to the Call for Proposals and need to know more about child care, you can contact us at


Our Call for Proposals (CFP) page has been updated with many small clarifications and updates over the last few weeks. To ensure you have all the latest information, please review:


In previous years, we have had numerous requests for more information containing advice about what makes for a good proposal submission and real examples from good submissions. This year we have published two such articles:


We have also provided information should you wish to request feedback on your talk proposal prior to the CFP close. This information is available on our CFP page . If you scroll down, information about obtaining feedback is located towards the bottom of the CFP page.

If you have any questions, queries or comments, please get in touch. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via

Kind Regards,
Tennessee Leeuwenburg
PyCon Australia 2017 Program Chair
Our sponsorship team has asked us to remind you that putting up a conference like ours costs money. Please consider asking whether your organisation would be interested in contributing to running PyCon Australia. The program committee and sponsorship committee are separate and make separate decisions, but the warm fuzzy feelings are shared all around. More details are available at

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Inexplicably earning 30c
I'm up late tonight. No particular reason, I just get a bit of insomnia sometimes. It seems best not to worry about it, but just to ride it out and do whatever seems to keep me calm. I wrote a few blog posts late last year, spurred by having looked at some ...

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Wrangling downloading my own blog articles
99.9% of everything at the moment appears to be wrangling basic data ingest. In a fit of semi-directionless curiosity, I decided to try expanding on my previous post by wiring up some kind of automatic blogging tool just to see if I could. This problem has ...

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A thought experiment on making money from blogging
For some unknown reason, Google picked today (or, presumably, a few days ago) to verify my postal email address. This is somehow part of being able to accept AdSense payments. I turned ads on at some point in my blogging life, probably about five years ago....

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Towards your first iPhone app, in Python, with some working Phone functionality
Writing your first iPhone app, with Python Mobile apps are awesome! Writing them is super-intimidating. This post is going to outline how to go from not having anything relevant installed, and no accounts set up, assuming no particular knowledge beyond Pyth...

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Shareable Datasets -- A Functional Design
So I was inspired by reading a blog post on "Truly Open Data" by Bill Mills: We engaged in a bit of back-and-forth, and he encouraged me to set my ideas out a bit more clearly. I got somewhat inspired, and cr...

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Can you make a BitTorrent 'channel' for just some files?
I have a problem I'd like to solve with BitTorrent -- I think. BT is great for two things: moving large files around quickly, and distributing storage capacity. Those are two things which data scientists badly, badly need. The only real alternative is for l...
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