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G+ハッピー交流会 (G+ happy exchange) is established to promote exchange of people through Google+ by +RYOGO Mochizuki (me).

Now most of participants are Japanese, however, I would like to invite many foreign people as well on the purpose of making more foreign friends and of helping Japanese people with international communication.

That's why I've created a new circle, " Anime/Manga/Miku Hatsune (International) ".

The circle named "Anime/Manga (International) " is a cluster for those who are interested in Japanese anime/manga for communication between the Japanese and foreign people.

If you would like to join this circle, please put your comments on this post and follow me. English is preferable but Japanese and other languages are also available as long as people hope to communicate about Japanese anime/manga.

I would be grateful if you reshare this post to expand Japanese and foreing participants in this circle. Have a lot of foreign friends? Very welcome. Thank you!

今回、G+ハッピー交流会では Anime/Manga/初音ミク (International) クラスタサークルを創設しました。




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