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Web media made wonderful.
Web media made wonderful.


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Want some free advertising? Have it! • Hello! Ten Spades Media is rapidly nearing launch, and we're ready to do a little trading.

We have FREE web advertising space available for anyone interested in writing & sharing their knowledge and experience with the world. Pretty simple, huh? TSM is focusing on educating web builders & designers, so any knowledge you share is valued.

Our specific goal at launch is to assist people new to WordPress, so if you or someone you know has recently set up a new WordPress site and can make time to write about your experience, we'll advertise your site for a month. Free!

Want MORE free advertising? Just share this post here or on twitter (don't forget to mention @TenSpadesMedia) and we will be giving away another month's free advertising to three people/businesses. So if you're an independent musician, a fledgling artist, or a tech start-up and know the value of free advertising, share away! Short link to this post:

Why are we doing this? Because sharing our learning experiences together makes us all stronger. It's just good business.

Get in touch at

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Hi there! Our website will be launching very shortly - in fact, we're expecting a launch date announcement from the top office within the next hour. We're all about quality, dynamic web design processes, and we're looking forward to sharing it all with you.

Our topic for our first series will be writing & content creation - such a huge issue for so many businesses trying to maintain a solid presence on the web. We've got some fantastic examples of the small guys leading the way with great ideas (and some examples of how not to do things).

We're offering limited promotional or advertising space on our site - to find out more, get in touch here or via Twitter

Can't wait to share what's happening behind the scenes! ^AN

#WebDesign #Website #Design #SEO
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Learn about DreamSpeed #CDN here with Justin Lund, Cloud Product manager of +DreamHost • This Google Hangout discusses how Dreamhost are serving up websites faster around the globe.

If you have questions specifically for Justin, you can catch him on Twitter: @Justin_Lund
You've got a site and you want it to be fast. Learn what a CDN is and what makes DreamSpeed unique. Find out what content is best suited for a CDN and how to configure it. And find out how we've simplified the process by integrating it with DreamObjects.
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+DreamHost + +scribblegraph xx A partnership of passions!
A HUGE thank you to the +DreamHost team (in particular the wonderful Ellice!) -@scribblegraph was chosen as this month's #CustomerSpotlight

If you don't know scribblegraph and how it all came to be, this is a comprehensive history with all the sandwiches, mice and Zeppelin you can handle.

Short link: (please share!)
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Oh, this is wonderful <3
#Selfie sticks lead to the dark side. take heed @StarWars
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A very interesting insight into the future of #blogging  »

Anind Dey - "When we’re thinking about blogs, we have to make sure we’re thinking about all three major stakeholders: advertisers, producers, and consumers. Too often we have platforms that serve the producer with all these nice tools for creating content, but don’t offer a great user interface for the consumer." - read the full article below.

#Blog  +DreamHost 
Wondering about how the blog of the future would look different from today’s blogs? We asked a computer-human interaction expert and professor at Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute, Anind Dey, to share his vision of the future of blogging.

#blogging #blog
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