Have you ever wondered how fishes move through water with superlative grace and ease? Would you believe it if I told you that swimming or indeed swimming faster in water has nothing to do with the speed of your arms or strength of your leg muscles.

It sure has nothing to do with the quick alternating repetition of the arm and leg movements as many coaches and students of swimming believe.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced water baby, Crawford Swim World’s Mathematician turned Swim Coach – Tayo Orekoya, is giving stroke correction and learn to swim classes at its Onike, Yaba ( Yaba Pool ) Swimming Pool in Lagos.

To find out about our classes for Adult and Kids (from 2yrs old) visit our new website www.csw.com.ng

Call 08090969849 and 08091111987 to make bookings.

Click here (http://bit.ly/24zSH2o) to hear about all the details of the classes.

• 10 Classes to swim effortlessly
• Ages – From 2 yrs old
• Each class is for 1 hr
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