We surveyed over 1,200 people in March and found that the majority of households have between one and six internet enabled devices.

Laptops (79%) PCs (72%) and smartphones (76%) are the most common. A fifth of households have a tablet and this is higher in Gen Y (28%) and Gen X (26%) over the Boomers and Builders.

Sixty per cent of people say that the reality is that they are not regularly used together and only forty per cent have established a home network to share content between all of these devices.

We have a competition running where we can help solve this connectivity issue!

The major prize will give the lucky winner a fixed line, broadband, a T hub, T box and 50" TV all professionally installed with 12 months worth of tech support to make sure they get all the support they need.

Know someone who needs some connectivity help? Nominate them now!
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