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but yet the independents, and I am not talking about the imprints and labels distroed by the major labels, will miss out.....
Outstanding news. Been looking for a Spotify equivalent for AGES, and this deal just takes the cake. Bravo Telstra!
Sav Ly
Is this similar to Google music/icloud?
Zachari, there are plenty. The biggest thing is this is subscription based as I understand it. One annual payment for as much music as you want.
+Zachari Saltmer I think this will be very different to the itunes concept. There you physically own a copy on a computer, but for this consider it a subscription to a library of music (15 million songs) in a cloud format. Not sure whether it caches or not though.
Fred it appears to cache on your mobile device.
age dly
Wow, unmetered!? I seriously can't +1 this enough. I'll be signing up from day one. 
Don't screw it up, Telstra. Let smart people build it. Not behind-the-8-ball marketers.
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