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but yet the independents, and I am not talking about the imprints and labels distroed by the major labels, will miss out.....
Outstanding news. Been looking for a Spotify equivalent for AGES, and this deal just takes the cake. Bravo Telstra!
Sav Ly
Is this similar to Google music/icloud?
Zachari, there are plenty. The biggest thing is this is subscription based as I understand it. One annual payment for as much music as you want.
+Zachari Saltmer I think this will be very different to the itunes concept. There you physically own a copy on a computer, but for this consider it a subscription to a library of music (15 million songs) in a cloud format. Not sure whether it caches or not though.
Fred it appears to cache on your mobile device.
Don't screw it up, Telstra. Let smart people build it. Not behind-the-8-ball marketers.
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