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Some deals are just too good to pass up...

Attention Android fans - 99c for Play Movie rentals on a range of great selected titles!
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Have grabbed Life of Brian on my phone to check out at some point! Am really hoping that there is a +Google Play  Announcement next week at +Google IO bringing Music to the +Google Australia version of play! 

That and a Nexus 7 tablet would be great to see! 
Thanks +Telstra Tels, however this has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

Even your link shows you are at least 1 week behind the 8 ball.
So free data for +Telstra  customers who use the +Google Play  store? I am sure you won't get any complains just praises :P
+Telstra Need to share they have Blue #sgs3  phones in stock now as well not just on dodgy facebook :P
Downloaded my first movie tonight. Will watch it on my Samsung Galaxy SIII Pebble Blue 32GB big screen through the week :-P
The Pebble Blue is a really nice colour ;-)
In sun light its a dark blue sand in dark areas it looks black :-)
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