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Most of the non-sensitive data has been in the cloud for years now.
Actually like it over drop box and as it matures should be great. Even me mum can use it on her gmail account!
Haven't got it yet. We're always last in Australia.
I got it yesterday my mum got it today, so I guess they are slowly rolling it out, both in QLD :P
Google Drive is pretty good, I liked how they rolled it out everywhere all at once.
Not quite everywhere all at once. My drive wasn't ready at the launch yesterday morning. Mine became available sometimes overnight and I'm in Adelaide.
I got the 5Gb in my google doc's the day before the launch but yeah I got my drive over night so it was ready when I woke up this morning. and I'm in Darwin.
I don't understand what it is. I have google plus on my iPhone, and a gmail acc. What would I store in a google drive, and whats a google doc? I don't have office or anything on my pC, just some music, photos and all my Total Annihilation files. 
+Dave Scott Google Drive is new and improved Google Docs. Your TA files would be on Google Drive now. The only problem with iOS is the lack of the app, which is being released in coming weeks.
I'm still not sure what that means. I have my TA stuff on my home pc, which is not configured for file sharing, in fact my stuff is redundantly backed up on USB sticks and DVDs. Years ago I used to write AI profiles but don't play online. I don't really "get" this cloud stuff. Seems pointless and insecure. 
+Dave Scott Sorry I misread your earlier post. I thought you said your TA stuff was already on Google Docs. I'm not sure what problem people have with the cloud storage. If you have sensitive information simply don't put it online. Don't dry your lingerie in the front yard and hope that neighbours don't see it. I only ever put stuff online that in the worst case scenario I wouldn't feel too bad about if ever sabotaged.
That's very true. I guess I struggle with this stuff because my simple needs wouldn't be improved by this service, and from my perspective there's no benefit to it. I'm hoping to move away from ios and iTunes as soon as I buy a Gnote, but I see that the storage on Drive is too small for music :(
+Dave Scott with Google music you can upload 20000 songs online independent of the cloud allowance. Google Music is not officially released in Australia yet but there is a simple way around it.
I'll have a look into that when I return to Aust, is that uploading your own CDs or like that useless iTunes "matching" service that collapses when faced with baroque music??
You upload your own music so what you upload is what you get. If you are in the USA, have a look it before arriving back to Oz, sign up is very simple from within the States.
In Thailand. Used to live in the states back in 2010. 
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