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What's your view?

Phone, tablet or ahem phablet?

Regardless, it's one seriously cool Android device.
The Samsung Galaxy Note has heads turning, released on the 24 April on Telstra's Next G Network. Find out why there is so much buzz around the 'phablet'.
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Got to be known as a Phablet. I want one, an extra inch of screen size over my Galaxy SII would be very welcome.
+Peter Moore That seems to be the prevailing attitude, particularly from SGS2 owners! And so many people felt that screen was too big when it launched! :-)

Also, as much as I think 'phablet' is entrenched in people's minds, I'd also like to be boring and humbly suggest the term 'tabphone'. ;-) - Justin
I have also heard "phonblet" - but to be honest I prefer phablet or phablophone*

* OK I made that last one up
Rename tablets to slab
Then these type of phone/table/slab/whateveryouwanttocallitdevice can be named to tablet.
For me, it's too big to be a workable phone (the Galaxy Nexus is about as big as is practical), and is too small to be a tablet (having played with the Transformer Prime, anything less than 10.1" feels too small).

That said, so far I like Steve Brady''s (via +Paul Snedden) "Tablerone".
Tablerone for sure. Who wouldn't want a piece of that?
+Dan Goodes agree with you on the size of a tablet. 10.1" is awesome. But, remember, the Galaxy Note isn't a tablet. Nor is it a phone.

I liked the HTC Flyer, that would have been my original tablet if it ever got launched in Australia. It didn't, so I moved on and got the GalTab10.1v from my good friends at +Vodafone Australia. The size was great, the support not so much.

Now I'm glad I didn't get the Flyer because I think it would have been too small to be used as a tablet. In the same way, I think the GNote is too big for daily use as a phone but then again, +Lady Fran W loves hers. I'd be interested to know any males that buy/use one on a daily basis, and how they carry it around. Pocket (pants or shirt/jacket)? Bag? In a Folder/Briefcase? In-hand?
+Paul Snedden If I had one I would have a specially made codpiece to carry mine around in. XXXL of course ...
For a previous job I had to use a small note-book and pen around everywhere in my shirt pocket - The Galaxy Note would have been the perfect phone if I still needed that.

Sure, there are people where it's too large for their needs, and the Galaxy Note is too small for a Tablet - That's the point - It's great for people that need take lots of notes or look at lots of online data while being constantly mobile. (Phone screens are just too small to do that on a regular basis, and tablets are too large to carry like that...)
I ♥ my GNote!
... and all you boys are just whiny.
Hehehe, only kidding. Size is certainly the most debated feature of the GNote. I can reassure you though, that it's pocket-friendly. It will fit in the pocket of jeans, as well as the breast pocket of jackets and shirts. Admittedly you're not going to want to sit down with it in your pants pocket, but then, do you do that now with your mini-phone? Or do you tend to take it out of your pocket and pop it on the desk/table/bench whatever?

The slim light build also helps to contribute to an overall feeling of a comfortable sized device.

Anyway, I put a few of my GNote-lust thoughts into a blog post at:

- Franwella -
- Android Goodness -
... and it's a tablone!
Viva la revolution!
Phablet ~shudder~
Papyrus is lovely; both with or without the GNote's S Pen.
Telstra for some unknown reason are asking way too much for this, I'll be buying mine outright from Kogan, or a seller in MBK if they can beat Kogans AU$499. Then I'll put it on my NextG plan. I waited and waited for Telstra to sell this phone when it was new, and they dragged their arse too long. 
All the telcos dropped the ball on this one. Overseas the GNote was out well before Christmas last year.
Yes, they sure did. I guess now it'll be months before the ics update arrives as well.... Took Telstra 8 months to upgrade my Gtab to I won't hold my breath. 
It is a unique device in what is required. A few guys have them at work and love them. I played with one and it is nice, but I like my GSII and my Xoom tablet.
samsung galaxy too many software problems
Agree +Alexander Tees stock software is crap. Samsung should be shot! They make decent hardware they need to get the software running better so people can experience the true power and greatness of Android. In saying that I always run custom roms Anyone of my mates phones I have upgraded fall in love more with ANdroid, Even those coming from IOS. . Been on CM7 and now CM9. CM9 is amazing on it and it's not even RC yet.
+Alexander Tees +Marty Davey What kind of problems? How long ago was it that you experienced said problems? And were these problems on a device where a telco or third party has tweaked the software?
Galaxy note is excellent very fluid and yes for those living the modders life the galaxy note will soon get cm9 it already has a kang cm9 which works great
And of coarse it will gain ics from Samsung very soon well before q2 hopefully next month
All in all is a great device and very portable I take it on my morning runs and no issues 
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