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Clare Bowditch helps kick of the #MOG  revolution.... weighs in with some thoughts on how it changes her listening habits..

"It’s a really simple, rather ingenious way to discover new music, and to give old songs a new life."
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I think I prefer MOG's Android app over Spotify. It's looking pretty good.
Kick ov or off?

BTW looks promising.
my android wont load it, it says communication error
Just wish the pricing was more competitive.
Love it working great on my GS2 and soon to be GS3
hi Jarrode :)

Unfortunately there were some log in issues with the introduction of MOG accounts, and obviously heavy traffic on the server during the first day.

To assist with rectifying the log in issues, a fix was run, overnight and hopefully everything will be refreshed now. Let us know if you do have any further problems though. 

Lindy, Social Media Team, 
Telstra Digital Sales and Service
If I have a mobile with Telstra will Mog still be unmeterd on my phone even if I don't have Bigpond Internet at home.
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