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Definitely one of my most favorite parts in Pulp Fiction, Mr. Wolf rocks. Sometimes I feel like doing this job as well - in less dramatic circumstances...
One of my favorite movie characters is Winston Wolf, the problem solver played by Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. I feel like that when I'm asked to help debug a really interesting problem in a Python program. (Without the blood. :-) Winston Wolf - I Solve Problems

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Wow. An awesome short on the possible future with augmented reality. The scary thing is that I like what I'm seeing, if you subtract all the creepy big brother/dating parts of the video.

I hope users will have control over the software that runs their AR devices. 

We are moving to a time when free software will directly translate into the degree of personal physical freedom. Mr. Stallman, you have a point...

Finally moving to Linux as my personal platform. Installed #ubuntu  on my trusted x201 and everything just works out of the box. Quite different from the experience that I had 2 years ago that sent me back to running #Linux  in virtual machines only....

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Pure gold from Nicholas Zakas, this paragraph is taken from this post:

Let ‘em code

As ironic as it may sound, a lot of companies hire software engineers and then don’t let them actually code. Instead, their days are filled with useless meetings that inhibit productivity. In general, software engineers are most productive when they can code for at least four hours straight without interruption.

It’s difficult to get into a good flow while coding if you know you have a meeting coming up in an hour or two hours, that’s always in the back of your mind while coding. It is amazingly unproductive to code for an hour, stop for an hour, code for an hour, stop for an hour, etc. You can’t get into a flow and just as you start, you have to stop. The software engineer brain has to switch into a good mode for coding in that switch takes time.

Make sure that your engineers have, every single day, at least four hours of uninterrupted time to code. That’s the key to getting work done faster. It seems fairly logical: if people usually work an eight hour day, at least half of the time should be spent on the main task. I used to find that I was most productive between 1 PM and 5 PM. I knew that if I had that time every day I could easily complete my tasks. When that time started to be interrupted by meetings, I knew I wouldn’t get as much done.

Also, take at least one day a week to have no meetings. That includes daily standups. Just let the engineers have that single day to completely manage their time on their own and get everything done. It is absolutely amazing how much can get accomplished when an entire day is free of interruptions. If necessary, allows engineers to work from home to make sure that they’re not interrupted. I actually went through a period in my career where my manager required me to work from home at least two days a week because I was getting interrupted so much in the office. The results: I got my work done very quickly.

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What's most amazing about this tool is not the fact it can run queries over terabytes of data in seconds, but the fact that it was built by a very small team in a very short period of time. Awesome!

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Just finished re-reading Daniel Suarez's excellent "Daemon" and "Freedom TM" - these books are very entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking.

I know they are very popular among Google engineers. In that light, all of their recent cool projects suddenly started to make sense:
- self-driving cars (Autom8s!)
- augmented reality glasses (if they take off, will they be called "google goggles"?)
- maps
- all connected through Google+ social layer


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I wonder how they deal with fraud prevention/detection/recovery...

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