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New episode! Watch the clip on YouTube below, or find the full episode at:

On today's episode, use Evernote instead of bookmarks or favorites. You can almost use Google Docs when the Internet is offline. Long Term Looks: how did the Lifeproof iPhone 4/4S case and SOL Republic AMPS earbuds hold up under extended use? One more reason why gaming DRM SUCKS! AM-Deadlink finds dead links fast.
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Watching today's show and I love the idea of the long term testing segment. I think it would be great to get reviews on usage that's based on actual use for more than a few days.
Thumbnail caught Veronica in the middle of a blink. :)
About the Google Docs offline thing: when Google transitioned from Google Gears (a plugin) to HTML5 for offline access they disabled offline editing.
Hey guys, i need a device that can stream or play any mkv file to my tv, I tried tversity and using my xbox as an extender with the mkv codecs but they all look choppy, my only logical solution is to build an HTPC but I hate to waste a computer just to be able to run mkv files.

I don't have time to trans-code, or do any complicated task.

please help.
the wd live series does a great job of playing mkv files from attached hard drive or dlna server. highly recommend them
yes, I read some reviews about it, at the moment is in the top of my short list :)
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