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New episode! Watch the clip on YouTube below, or catch the full episode at:

On this episode, +Will Smith from shares his experiences with Nokia's Lumia 900, +Anthony Carboni is here with his report from the videogame-fest that is PAX East 2012, and more!
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Haters = people not paid off by Microsoft.
I've heard one thumbs up and one thumbs down on the 900, this could be the tipping review for me.
No CDMA version? Guess I'm not getting one.
I bought this phone on launch day and find the camera to be really bad. Indoor pictures are all but unusable due to noise. And outdoor photos are washed out and suffer from poor color accuracy. However the hardware is really nice and the thing runs so smooth. If the camera is not on your priority list you can't go wrong. If it is you might want to look at the Titan II.
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