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+Selena Gomez is our September 2012 cover star! Get your first look at the cover story here:
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Great choice! I know you probably won't bc shes been on the cover 5 times but Taylor Swift would be great!
Nice, but I wish they would pick a new star! I'm kind of tired of Selena!!!
omg i love her in this pic! love the naturalness and the horse and everything!
she is so beautiful, I love how her outfit seems so casual and simple
That girl can pull off anything! Its rare to find someone so beautiful, kind and talented at the same time! love her!
i really want her to wear a strapless bra and a robe with out under where and ill fuck her doggy style
the fact that the article was named one direction really made me mad cuz flipping thro de mag i thought that was about one direction until i saw the pic 
She's got a great look - I love her jumper, so chic!
i want to no what type of bras she wears like omfg i love her boobs
u dont no what im thinking do u 
im 13 and i hate school btw ireally want to have sex
what r u talking about i want to fine a hot hooker and fuck that bitch and ill do the same thing to selena
u dont have to be married to have sex
not much any more cause i have nothing to cause if u dont have something to say dont say anything at all
im 13 and i love having sex
no, but i want to have sex
can i see them with out ur bra and shirt
Show me ur Boobs first b4 i show u my dick
or the sex thing or the boobs thing
Ellis: i like horses
me: i love horses
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