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It's a _______ thing. You wouldn't understand!
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Quality of shirts are terrible. Wont send a refund. Poor customer service.
I just bought a sweatshirt re they really that bad
i want to send 2 "Purple Reign' Tee shirts back for a different size .... how do you get ahold of them? They don't respond to an email request.
That's to bad I haven't got mine yet 
We need a petition to sort the a.shole out few of us from New Zealand click a link to support StandingRock in North Dakota and we purchase thru credit card, They changed the date of delivery thought it was strange i came here to see the feedback and it confirmed it a scam, I was to late to cancel credit as money went thru. +Lonnie Malwitz +Ian Moody +Laura R. 
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