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Tee Morris
Writer, Social Media Producer, and Beer Snob
Writer, Social Media Producer, and Beer Snob

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Enjoy some celebratory bubbly with us!

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Getting in dinner, and then Appearing on Nutty Bites. Hope you will join us!

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A #Periscope from Steampunk unLimited 2015.

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A Periscope from Steampunk unLimited 2015

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In case you all were wondering what we had planned for the future of Books & Braun, here it is. 

Time to get to work.
From the Ministry, an update on where we left our agents at the end of The Diamond Conspiracy...

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Thank you, Google, for sharing this privately...when I wanted this to be public. 

When is the mothership "reorganizing" you again?
  So, if you might have heard, author Chuck Wendig released a book. Chuck is the author behind Star Wars: Aftermath, the first (of three) books bridging the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Since its release, both Jedi and Sith alike…

When your browser crashes mid-comment, I truly believe that is the social media gods saying "Oh fuck, no. No-no-no. Don't do it."

May the Force be with you.

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I enjoyed it thoroughly! #sorry   #notsorry  
Today, steampunks of all sorts—makers, tailors, seamstresses, event planners—are sharing what they believed Steampunk'd got wrong. 

Over at the Ministry's ætherblog, one of our journalists decided on a different approach... ~WB

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I am such a sap.

Every time I listen to "Pins of a Feather" I get goosebumps and feel a lump in my throat.

Guess that "box office disappointment" made an impression on me.

#ibelieveintomorrowland #movies   #tomorrowland   #disney   

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So yeah, looks like there are some new paperbacks to watch out for. You got John Varley's Dark Lightning entering Locus' Top Ten for the first time, along with Charlene Harris' Midnight Crossroad. Oh, and another new entry in the Top Ten from...


#steampunk   #MoPO   #bestsellers  
Oh, I say, is that what I think it is in Locus Magazine's Top Ten paperbacks of July 2015?

As they say in the wastelands of Apocalyptic Australia — "What a lovely day!"

#steampunk   #MoPO   #LocusMagazine   #bestselling  
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