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The 7400 series started back in the mid 60’s  and has evolved from that basic beginning to many variations today. This series heralded the advent of TTL Logic.

It replaced the older RTL (resistor transistor logic) and DTL (diode transistor logic)

In the early 70’s there were 74L00 series, (low power) 74H00 series (high speed) and 74S00 series (high speed schottky) which basically replaced the 74H series.

Following these series came the 74LS00 series (low power schottky) and then popular 74ALS00 series (advanced low power schottky) which became the most prevalent series of the day.

The next generation of logic circuits started with the 74HC00 series (high speed CMOS) which operated at lower voltages (2.0-6.0 volts) as opposed to the TTL logic devices which operated at 4.75-5.25 volts. 

The next generation was the 74HCT00 series (high speed CMOS) with TTL level logic for compatibility with other digital families.

Check our inventory, and you will find that we have stock on many devices from all of these series readily available for delivery
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A/C motor start capacitors are electronic / electromechanical devices, used in conjunction with motors. These capacitors are made of aluminum foil separated by layers of paper. They are encased in a durable plastic case.

The typical operating frequency is 50/60 Hz.

These capacitors typically come in three voltage ratings: 110/125 VAC, 165 VAC, 220/250 VAC.

These capacitors are rated for temperatures from -46°C to +65°C.

These motor run capacitors can also be supplied with a bleeder resistor. 
Typically this would be a 15K Ohm 2 Watt resistor. stocks a complete line of 110/125 VAC capacitors.
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Motor-start Capacitor picture.
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An assortment of 64 capacitors covering 12 popular values you will need for variety of do-it-yourself projects. 
4 x 0.01uF 500V ceramic disc 
4 x 0.1uF 50V ceramic disc 
6 x 10uF 35V radial-lead electrolytic 
6 x 47uF 35V radial-lead electrolytic
6 x 100uF 35V radial-lead electrolytic 
6 x 220uF 35V radial-lead electrolytic 
6 x 470uF 35V radial-lead electrolytic 
4 x 1000uF 35V radial-lead electrolytic 
6 x 100uF 50V radial-lead electrolytic 
6 x 0.1uF 250V radial-lead metalized polyester film 
6 x 0.1uF 50V radial-lead polyester film 
4 x 1.0uF 35V radial-lead dipped tantalum 

All pieces are contained in a rugged tackle-style box for easy access and identification.
CAPACITOR-COMPONENT-PACK TEDSS Components Capacitors Assorted kit 2098001365. Thousands of discounted electronic components in stock. No lead time, ship out right away! Electronic parts, your source for electronic components.
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