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Teddy Caddy
Open Source Programmer, Full-Time Systems Design Analyst, Freelance Web Developer, Husband, Father of two
Open Source Programmer, Full-Time Systems Design Analyst, Freelance Web Developer, Husband, Father of two

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+Google Play Music app has a bug preventing uploading album artwork. See this forum post for a workaround until they fix it.

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Just tried to deploy a Rails app that uses +Plotly  but the `rake assets:precompile` command failed (or it hung up).  I was using the minified version of Plotly, which was the cause of the problem. I had to replace it with the non-minified version so that `rake assets:precompile` would run (it still took about 30 seconds to precompile).  You can get the unminified version here:

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Very detailed analysis comparing Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform.
Detailed and informative Cloud comparison article. Conclusion: "Everyone involved unanimously picked GCP. It came down to this: we believe the core technology is better."

One of my favourite quotes: "It's hard to overemphasize how much friendlier GCP pricing is, and how poorly the AWS model works. Amazon's rhetoric for why you should run cloud vs self-hosted infrastructure is the additional agility you get; You can elastically spin up and shut down capacity whenever you want. Reserved Instance pricing effectively negates this advantage, and running all your instances On-Demand is extremely expensive in comparison. So you're left with the decision to over-spend or lock yourself in."

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My 6yo son got the Code Master game as a gift and it is really cool.  I do programming / development for a living and it is a cool way to connect with him.  He definitely enjoys the challenge and the logic.  We got through all the easy levels today and began the intermediate levels.

Another cool thing about the game is that you forget the solutions, so it will be fun to play the same levels again in the future.

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+Kevin Green read this
Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson 
- My promised observations of @StarWars Episode VII #TheForceAwakens follows (with only mild spoiler alerts).
- In @StarWars#TheForceAwakens, I’m reminded that Red & Blue teams cooperate with one another. Rare in American Politics.
- BB-8 is waaaaay cuter than R2D2.
- I guess I did just demote R2D2 to “Dwarf Cute” status.  No hard feelings though.
- BB-8, a smooth rolling metal spherical ball, would have skidded uncontrollably on sand.
- the TIE fighters made exactly the same sound in the vacuum of space as in planetary atmospheres
- if you were to suck all of a star’s energy into your planet, your planet would vaporize.
- the energy in a Star is enough to destroy ten-thousand planets, not just a few here & there.
- once again I felt isolated and inadequate for not understanding Wookiee-speak.
- the lead character snacks on what includes Romanescu Broccoli, nature’s only fractal food.
- Never seen Romanescu Broccoli?  Fractal Earth food befitting a tale of long ago and far, far away.
- the Storm Troopers still run as though they’re carrying a full load of poop in their diapers.
- apparently Wookiees don’t age, or they age much slower than human actors do.
- the starry skies were unfamiliar. As they should be, a long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away
- Unashamed of inanity, #TheForceAwakens repeats the Millennium Falcon boast of completing the Kessel Run in "under 12 parsecs"
- ( A Parsec is an obscure unit of distance in Astrophysics, equal to 3.26 Light Years. Neither has anything to do with time. )
- Both at age 19, my wife saw @StarWars in 1977 & our daughter saw #TheForceAwakens in 2015. I don’t know what that means.
- With next year’s @SuperBowl 50 the NFL abandons Roman Numerals, leaving @StarWars as the last bastion of this counting system
- Finally, inspired by @StarWars#TheForceAwakens, here’s my list of the best Hollywood Aliens and why:

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This is a nice read for anyone on the spectrum who has a friend/family member going through a health crisis.  Can also be generalized to other areas.
I really love this.

I'm trying to also apply it to management. If someone who works for you or on a project where you are senior has complaints or problems, your job is to sympathize and solve.

You don't complain down, only up.

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I have mentioned how bad Autism Speaks is in the past, but this document says it well.

They spend more on administrative costs and salaries than they do on Family & Individual Services. Some of the salaries exceed $400k.

Please do not support them and try to educate others about how bad of an organization they really are.
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