Circle Sunday, #eveplus Circle

This is my what I call my #eveplus circle. It is a group of the most active eveonline players on Google+, which I have created from my eveonline circle. One I will be updating and re-sharing every week with new additions (if required) and removing inactive's every month.

There are a few circles with hundreds of eveonline players going around but this is one I have hand picked of active Google+ users who play eveonline. They may not post about eveonline all the time but make an eveonline post every so often and they are active with posting and commenting on the site, hence the name #eveplus ;)

I haven't included people that only share posts 'limited' as they may not want to be followed by random people for privacy reasons. If you are someone who shares posts limited but would still like to be included that's fine just please let me know. If you not been included but are active on Google+, play eveonline and would like to be, (I've probably only just missed you or didn't realise you played eveonline) please let me know. If you wish not to be included in this circle in the future please feel free to get in contact.

#eveonline #tweetfleet #eveplus
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