I spent my undergrad years in sociology, poli sci and psych and I often debate how tech -- and being so connected -- has changed how we connect especially with my parents who are psychologists in the Bay Area. They found this TED speech which is simply fascinating...

"We're getting use to a new way of being alone together".

My $0.02:

Social offers so many great opportunities to connect with people we may not other see, even to meet other people we never would have known but it also lets us filter what connecting means and pick what we like, filter out the rest.

Sherry makes a great point about our desire to "control" what we do. As she says, we're in a meeting but talk about what came for... We want interaction yet don't want to be interrupted. It's on our terms and while we're always connected, we're really not connecting.

But I see a push back to meaningful interaction -- humans are social creatures and don't survive well in isolation. Hangouts, event meetups, location discovery, even interest based sharing... it's all about identifying real people, real interactions and often real world environments to get back too on something that reflects us.

It's very easy to get caught up in the virtual world but we're also find ways to use technology to get us back to the "real world". We have to be mindful not to selection bias ourselves away from anything new, not to "hangout" by engaging elsewhere but also to embrace that a shared "real" experience doesn't have to be with the person who happened to be next door.
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