I love ecommerce. I hate shipping times. That's why I have Prime and ShopRunner [+1]. So a new computer for me this week means 4 orders, all shipped 2 day: First the laptop, second a monitor, third an SSD drive and fourth an HDMI cable. Yes, an order for $2.99 coming via expedited, costs at least what the order total was mail.

In retail this works: Before this post I went to the store to pick up a bag of chips and a coke for company this evening. Two items and then a third on impulse... But it's across the street so if I have to go back for something else later, no /big/huge/ deal.

Ecommerce wants to speed things up to get business but then they see what that business is like and they try to slow it down [i.e. Amazon testing ship it slower incentives for prime members].

Does shipping get cheaper? Stores become warehouses? There's got to be a hybrid solution out there...
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