I've spoken before about online storage of media, connectivity and trying to ensure that wherever you are, you have some entertainment to consume. One of those angles is making sure that you have access to DVDs and CDs and some way of playing/watching them. (See my review of a good car-battery-powered DVD player at https://goo.gl/e2yfmk.) Here, I'm looking at a minimalist way to carry just the few you particularly like and not lugging a huge 400-disk mega-folder or disc-box with you!

So these dinky little wallets let you choose up to 40 DVDs/CDs and slip them in. Simple! The compartments are the usual papery-plastic that these items always seem to made from, but they seem sturdy enough and not like they're going to tear anytime soon. The wallet has a zip round it, which, again, seems to function well enough and a carrying tag loop hanging off it - though I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with that - hang it from your belt?!

They are light and easy to carry, which was the point of the exercise in this case, and are a fiver each from Amazon UK (https://goo.gl/2ePxdZ). I have whittled down my DVDs and CDs now and have fitted my treasured remaining physical media into 2 x DVD and 1 x CD wallets! They are available in various colours and seem to have a vintage map of various random sections of the world on the outside! Highly recommended - dinky and portable.
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