Hurrah! It's arrived! After a wait of months, checking the MotoUK website, Clove, Amazon et al on a daily basis for stock, I'd really given up on it ever arriving, much as I almost have with the Keyboard! But that's a rant for another day.

For now, yes, it's here. And if you click through to the album you can see how physically it compares with the Incipio 2220mAh Battery Mod. It's a tad 'blockier' on the edges, a tad thicker in the middle, but it's not slippery, like the older smaller one. It's got a good grip across it which helps handling hugely.

I've often bang'd on about the fact that there's no real 'casing' solution for the Moto Z Series range when you have a battery in situ. and this almost renders that not needed. There's a new level of confidence holding it in the hand, Z or Z2 Play.

The unit arrived from AmazonUK (or some anonymous partner of theirs) completely deplete of power and using a genuine Nexus 5X charger, it took under two hours to charge - I didn't time it exactly. When fully charged, there was a software download applied, when clack'd onto the phone, and the LEDs on the back lit up. They can also be lit at any time by pressing the button on the back, just like a powerbank. During charging, they stay on and build up (maybe an annoyance in the dark of night for some).

Strangely, having used the phone to watch some YouTube, set to Economy Mode, the battery pack went down to 80% (as reported on the phone) but still all four LEDs were lit. I can only assume that they are 20% markers and not 25% - or maybe they're just not very accurate and one should trust the reading from the phone.

Anyway, in the coming days I shall report on the performance and feed back fully at the weekend on PSC with +Steve Litchfield
Hopefully +Tayo Olasope will chip in here, too, as his arrived today as well and we can certainly discover what he found.
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