...yes, sugar?
Here's one I don't think we've done before. Honey. We've been re-igniting the passion for honey up our way lately, which got me thinking that I bet there's some really nice variations out there to try which we could share here.

I do remember they used to say that in order to reduce pollen allergies one should try to use honey made locally to where you live, but never really got to test that. The bog-standard one I picked up in Tesco was this Rowse one, which is clear and runny. Tastes lovely. But then I'm uneducated! There's also a 'light and mild' version of this one but I can't tell the difference!

I bet there's loads of interesting brands and blends out there to try, so we'll make a feature of it on the next WW if we get a good response.
Go ahead - educate me!
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