Part of the 'Sistema To Go' range, this medium soup mug is perfect for soup, stews, noodles and hot drinks at home or at work.
Simply chuck your grub into it, heat it up in the microwave and then scoff'n'quaff straight from the mug.
It's fridge/freezer safe, so food can be stored until it's ready to be heated.
It's made of solid plastic and has clips to keep everything secure and an opening hole thingie on the top so it don't explode!
Tesco reckon on their website that they don't sell it any more ( so it's funny that it's on their shelves! It's available from elsewhere though, too ( for about £4. In fact, on that Amazon page linked to there, you can see a whole other bunch of stuff in the range. I quite fancy the Noodle Bowl :-)
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