Following my review of the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook (https://plus.google.com/u/0/+TedSalmon/posts/dh4VXwAGsfL) one of the few things that I was complaining about was not having perforated pages. So this quick follow up is to suggest another book which does have!

Not only does it have perforated pages but also hole-punched ready for scanning and/or filing. These Pukka Pads seem to have a good reputation as 'organiser' pads particularly, and this example gives you 200 pages divided into sections/projects with tabs which can be written on, to organise your work etc. Again, these have an elastic band closure around them, which I think is really important as a feature, and are hard-backed. They have pockets to stuff papers into at each divider point and even a world map at the front!

OK - so they're not classy like the LEUCHTTURM and others but they are very functional for project-based work, and do have perforated pages. In addition, they're good and cheap at £15 for three for the A4 version, for which you get a mix of colours - silver, pink and blue. Also available in A5. Recommended for getting organised with projects and easy-remove pages.
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