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After two falls, which I blamed on my slippers, the second of which has caused me a broken shoulder socket and tendon injury to my foot, I decided conventional slippers were a danger zone! I already have 2 pairs of Crocs, which I wear some of the time, but as slippers they are cold on the feet! I decided, therefore, to invest in a pair of Croc Slippers and so far, think it was a wise decision.

They are comfortable, with or without socks, warm, elegant (I don't think so😁) and durable. I have had my original ones for years, so I know they last. The lining is nice and appears well fixed. They are washable, although I have only washed the Crocs without lining, so can't be sure about that. The colour I got was very boring. I think they are obtainable in nicer colours, but not in my size at present, and for me it was urgent. I like the strap-around back at the moment, just for safety, but they can equally be worn without - although the heel support is a bit low with little to hold the foot in place from the rear.

A couple of years ago, I bought my husband (+Trevor Salmon) a pair (size 13) which did not have the option of the strap. He couldn't cope with that, mainly because of the very low heel support, so we sent them back. For me, I'll stick with them for safety - so never mind that they're ugly! Range of prices, depending on size and colour at AmazonUK (

I started wearing Crocs 10+ years ago, pretty much, all the time. Well, I don't sleep in them! But apart from the odd wedding day and business meeting in which I won't get away with 'casual', it's all I wear. I have a range of colours but they're all the 'Classic' ones, none of your fancy slipper-type stuff or Chef Specials.

I can't speak highly enough of them. They are so comfy and easy to wear, slip on, strap-round or not, slip off, let your feet breathe, great and cool in the summer, can be worn with or without socks, big, open, flexible, soft, light, washable, grippy sole inside and out, arch-support, the list goes on. They are perfect for me and when I suffer with a gout attack, they are often the only things I can get on anyway. In the winter, they're so big and flexible I can also wear two pairs of socks :-)

The only thing that I do sometime worry about is foot health and the possible outcome of always allowing one's foot to just 'spread out' and not be held in some shape or form. I have researched this and opinions vary hugely with (so called) experts arguing the case both ways. So I shall carry on until they decide! At least! Haha. Thoroughly recommended. Range of prices, depending on size and colour at AmazonUK (

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