A Guest Review by +Esther Salmon
This is a set of electronic salt and pepper grinders which run on 4 'AA' batteries (each) and even have a light shining from the bottom (onto the food - for those romantic candlelit dinners!) when operating.

I have tried a number of these kinds of items over the years but these have lasted the longest with me for a number of reasons...

Many of them simply don't hold enough salt and pepper - these do.
Many are plain ugly - these are attractive and almost 'retro' in appearance, reminding us of a kind of Lava lamp design language.
Some are too short in the air and can be fiddly - not these, good and tall.
Some have fiddly buttons and are not good for arthritic hands of elders, particularly using in one hand - not these as the top operation button is clear and big and can be easily pushed with a finger of one hand, supported in the same hand, not being too heavy.
Some have dodgy operation with intermittent operation - not these as they work upon button-press every time.
Some give one level of fine/coarse output - not these as they are full adjustable underneath.
Many are made of cheap plastic and don't feel well constructed - not these as they are made from stainless steel with the only plastic being the transparent chamber.

My only complaint is that it can be difficult to make the connection for the light when putting them back together after filling or replacing batteries (which, incidentally, last for months and months on end) as the barrel has to be aligned just-so to get it working properly. But a little fiddle usually fixes it.

So an attractive addition to the dinner table, these come in three colours (ours are smart red) and cost £12.95 for the pair from Amazon UK. Recommended.
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