Without a branding, it seems, this £8.90 CD/DVD Player/Burner supports all the formats a person is likely to need and works flawlessly. Testing here using Windows 10 but they claim the same ease of use for Mac/Linux. Plug it in to a USB port, it's picked up in Explorer or whatever settings you have if using AutoPlay and follows the auto-eject rules in Windows Media Player. My CDs Rip, Play and burn as advertised. DVDs Play (using an appropriate DVD Player of course, which Windows no longer offers) though I am not able to test DVD burning just now.

But the main reason I bought this was because having downsized my laptop to a dinky model with no Optical Drive, just sometimes I get a CD which I want to Rip. And this does it, adding it to my folder for Google Play Music to automatically scoop up! I have reported at https://goo.gl/oLGXEX about a similar solution for having no Ethernet socket in the quest to get smaller and dump the stuff that we're encouraged to no longer need in a laptop!

Not much else to say really. It's the price that amazes me. Why pay double this money or even lots, lots more for a big-brand optical drive when, for occasional use, this does the job perfectly and can be stuffed away in the back of a bag or cupboard. Recommended.
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