8-Blade Apple Slicer/Corer
Just a quick one, which mum got for Christmas and seems very pleased with. The lazyman's approach to the laborious task of peeling and slicing an apple!

Made by Sun Run with Free Folding Peeler and available for £6 at AmazonUK (https://goo.gl/NLsRPh) it does what it says on the tin! Plonk your apple down on the side and press the blades into action, lining up the central 'hole' with the core. It 'fans' out the segments making it quick and easy to share out, or prepare fruit salad etc.

Blades seem sharp enough and I'm sure it'd do the same job with other fruit with a central core. The folding peeler is a bit rubbish - plasticky and flimsy, but seems to work. I'm sure that even the cheapest potato peeler will do a better job. But all in all, a handy little gadget for the kitchen drawer :-)
+Esther Salmon
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