Gifted by enthusiastic coffee-sipper and regular in the Community +Chris Kelly, we were eager to try this out and discover if it really is as good as the recommendation. Chris kindly gifted not only all the kit to make the coffee with, but also a couple of bags of his choice of coffee, Cafe Direct Kilimanjaro Tanzanian Arabica.

So, to the kit. It consists of a large syringe-like object which they call a 'Chamber and Plunger'. You screw on the filter cap with a small disc filter inserted (250 filter papers are provided in this kit) then, with your kettle ready-boiled, you scoop in the preferred amount of coffee. We followed the instruction to the letter and used one scoop, filling the Chamber to No.2 for one cup of coffee. We then stirred the brew for 10 seconds and waited for a further 20 seconds before Plunging the Syringe down into the Chamber which by this time is sitting on the cup!

Thus, the coffee was made! We have to say that it was really quite delicious. Personally, I'm not one for powerful coffee and as we were making it, I was dubious and thought it would be far too strong for me. But once this nectar hits the lips, it's a taste sensation!

For people who are otherwise addicted to the wares of their local barista or want to have access to quality coffee OffGrid, this is certainly a cost-effective and simple solution. I shall indeed enjoy putting this to the test when I head off on the road!

It comes with a handy travel bag, scoop for your coffee and full instructions, which are easy to follow (or meander from depending on taste)! All in all, we were delighted and very grateful to Chris. Give it a try! (
+Andrea Clarke +Ted Salmon
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