Following a previous coffee-splurging calamity, I'd tried hard to keep my old keyboard going but it finally gave up the ghost!
I had a spare one made by Lenovo (think it must have come with a PC at some point) and started to use it but my brain could not adjust to not having the Ctrl key in the bottom left hand corner! Why they would decide to put a Fn key in the position which is usually reserved for all Windows keyboards is beyond me - and serves only to confuse and irritate. One for Room 101!

But on to this new one. It's a peach of a full size - and I mean full size(!) keyboard - it's huge with a massive footprint, loads of lovely space between the chicklet keys and between clusters of keys, legs to lift the back, nicely defined number-pad area and cursor array, too. There's space at the front for the bottom half of my palms, between typing spurts and the key travel is just right. Very quiet to type on and a joy to use.

I know, one can't get too excited about a computer keyboard, but so many of them seem to be designed for mobile use these days instead of desk - and you wouldn't want to try and take this anywhere far! Thoroughly recommended. My office-based find of the month! £22 from AmazonUK at time of review - https://tinyurl.com/logkeyboardauk
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