LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook
Here was a mad idea - to start writing things down with a pen/pencil on paper instead of being tied to committing everything to some online service which Google might pull the plug on at some point ;-) I jest of course, in the week that Google pulled the plug on Spaces adding to the list of services they Try'n'Die. But that could also be true of Evernote or whatever. So this was the mad idea - back to basics - paper and pen - which of course are not susceptible to things like fire or flood ;-) There must be a middle road - I'll come to that in a future posting.

But back to my thoughts on this lovely notebook. It really is very nice indeed. OK - so notebooks can be bought for peanuts these days, but this has a real class about it. It's got 249 pages (well, sides) and each one is numbered in the bottom right hand corner for those with OCD enough to index their scribblings in the pages designed for the purpose at the beginning! It's hardback and comes in a rook of different colours, dotted, ruled, plain or squared. You can also get the same thing in A4.

The book has two placeholder ribbons (nice touch), a pouch inside the back cover to tuck away loose notes and a sheet of stickers which can be used to name the front of the book and down the spine. There's three of each (another nice touch - could easily have just been one). It also has an elastic band round it to hold it closed. The only thing I might have added to this would be perforated pages for easy removal.

It's like taking a step back in time. We're so used to typing stuff and using keyboards now. (Look at me now!) Remember the days when we had lovely personal pens (I'll cover Staples OptiFlow pens in another post), fountain pens (OK - they can be messy) and classy nice items like this to have, hold and use. Yes, it's about £12 but while there are much cheaper options, there are also more expensive ones which are not as classy as this. Recommended.
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