AA Road Atlas
Sometimes, the simple stuff is just fine, without getting all tech and fancy for the sake of it. Here's an example. There's nothing quite like a physical book, as we've discussed at Whatever Works many times, and sometimes it's nice to have an overview of a road network or route without peering at a tiny phone screen and scrolling, wearing out a thumb joint!

Of course, there are clear advantages to the tech solutions here, like someone leading you through a journey by voice and knowing where traffic/accident/road-works might be, but there's a place for both I find. When sitting at home around the kitchen table, how nice it is to spread a lovely big page out across the space and just being able to see an overview.

There's also the issue of it becoming out of date relatively quickly as roads change and are added to/taken away, but, as I say, there's a place for both and for the planning stages of a journey, I still think there's a place for investing a tenner a year on an updated Road Atlas.

And there's plenty of choice, still. Which I guess is surprising, given the rise of technology and mapping, but maybe that says something about people agreeing with me!
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