It has come to my attention that the first generation battery Mods made by the likes of Incipio (and Moto branded ones, too) have been made to fit the profile of the Moto Z series phones much more so than the TurboPower ones, released later.

As you can see by my profile pictures, the Incipio ones curve round in keeping with the line of the back and sides/top of the phones but the Turbo's form an ugly 'step', not in keeping with the curve and so look like they're a bolt-on, rather than made-to-measure.

Yeah, I know, the Incipio generation couldn't be charged off-device, and they have less power, and they don't have a power meter built-in, and they don't have a nice 'grippy' back, but they do feel like they were made for the job.

In day-to-day use, it feels like the Incipio is the one to have on the device and the TurboPower one is really just a powerbank, for the pocket, in case. Which means one might as well carry a powerbank really, with more power.

Just sayin' :-)
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