Do flip past this if you're sick of people posting battery shots, but I did think it was worth highlighting the Moto Mod thing once more from today's live use.

Moto Z2 Play with 3000mAh.
Incipio Battery with 2200mAh.
5hrs since removed from charge, both 100%
2hrs 40min screen on, 15% brightness.
Mifi and Cellular connected.

Set to Efficiency Mode, the combo. starts by using the first 20% of the phone's battery.
When it gets there, it starts using the Mod's battery and so, as you see here, it slips away at it until it gets to zero.
Then the phone's battery takes over again until that gets to zero, too.
As you can see here, after 5hrs it's only used 20% of its own battery and 8% of the Mod's.

Yesterday was a fairly usual one for me and I noticed that when I got to mid-evening, the phone was just beginning to use its own battery again, the Mod's just depleted.

And then I snapped on my second one! Not that I needed to.

It really is a cracking system and much overlooked. The combo. is really not much bigger than most other phones.
+Steve Litchfield

Praise over!
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