Globalink Wall Hooks 6 Pack
These suckers suck and suck! In a good way! They’re supposed to be for bathroom towels but of course they have a million and one uses. And these, at 6 for a tenner, are some suckers. Really seriously strong.

They have a ‘lever’ action to apply and it has to be experienced to believe how powerful they are. They claim to have a hold capacity of 5KG (not that I’m going to test that with my Faberge egg collection on a shelf!) and it really seems like that is not just talk. I attached it to a window in my garden shed and couldn’t get it off again without a sharp fingernail to prize it!

They are quite big. You can get smaller ones. They seem very sturdily made, too. The plastic is thick and looks like it ain’t gonna’ break anytime soon!

Highly recommended!
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