Trying to do a feature this week on PSC with +Steve Litchfield in line with +Tayo Olasope's request recently.
I'd appreciate your help with stuff it can do and can't do yet.
Stuff that's stuck in Allo and Now On Tap only and features that are good and work well in daily life.
Here's my list of stuff so far.
Recording Saturday at 7pm BST, so please chip in asap but before that.
Thanks in Advance all.

1. Daily Briefing - news, weather, calendar, traffic, served up and read out "Good morning"
...or "what's the news about..." (Set news feeds in settings for USA/UK)

2. Daily Music Video, random, served at set time

3. Quiz and I'm Feeling Lucky

4. "Call me...Dipstick" and it'll oblige instead of your real name

5. Verbal controls (no good with Allo) to switch on wifi, BT, play music, whole range

6. Quick translations "How do you say... in...<language>"

7. Sing Happy Birthday

8. Sing a song (doesn't seem to work)

9. Tell me a joke

10. Show me pictures of...(subject) from...(date)

11. "When's the next Southampton match?"
(Context awareness of info often fails - "When was southampton's last game?" - (Details given) - "Who scored the goal?" (results from web, not relating to the game in question) "What's their record?" shows and verbalises the league position and points.

12. It remembers what you tell it some degree based on key words like 'favourite' - "Southampton is my favourite football team" "ok, I'll remember that" (later) "who is my favourite football team?" and it tells.

13. "Set a timer for..."

14. Reminders - set into Google Calendar (default calendar)

15. "Where can I find the cheapest..." (web search)

16. Context aware searches, "who is the president of Uganda? ... How tall is he?"

Things that work in Now On Tap but Not Assistant, yet
1. Shopping list stripped out Keep integration, now uses Express, which is USA only!

(screenshot just for +Jamie Holland ;-)

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